Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

Angel Competition Bikini

ACBikini Jewelry-set

The day has come... *drumrolls* 
FINALLY I have my competition-bikini and I can't stop thinking about it.
Maybe you remember the post about my competition post ?

I have been searching for a lot of custom-made bikinis but none pleased my vision except AngelCompetitionBikinis. I made contact with the TurboTwins , Karah and Lauren, the designers of those fancy bikinis and they helped me with all my questions; like 'will my bikini be there on time?', 'how long will it take?', 'what about the fabrics,colors and size?' etc.
Hereby I would like to say a big thank you for responding to all my questions and for helping me to chose the right colors, fabrics and connectors. Plus, I want to give thank to Kelsey , a NPC bikini-competitor, for providing me her promo code to get a free competition-jewelery set by ACBikinis as well. (The promo code is: DIETANGEL )

If you are ever in quest of a competition bikini, I highly recommend Angel Competition Bikinis. First of all the service is excellent as already mentioned, second they have a great variety of colors and different fabrics; from hologram through to sequins and even special prints. You can also choose between different colors for your rhinestones for your crystal-design and if you want a sparkling trim or not you just have to write it in the notes when you place your order. The TurboTwins offer 3 variations for your  bottom cut and so many different designs to make your bikini the sparkliest ever. If you want a special and extraordinary design you just have to get in touch with them to explain your ideas and they will make you look fabulous on stage.Have a look at their website to form your own opinion about the special designs.
Aside from that, their range of connectors is also rich in variety. Honestly I though that they would be very fragile but they aren't at all. They seem to be very resistant , just like the jewelry set, but you still have to pay attention as they are not stretch. I am so happy that everything fits perfectly and the best thing is that the jewels absolutely match my heels' design. So no reason to panic about that hehe.
Now enough talk, just have a look at my very first and stunning Hologram Jade/Mint bikini.

Enjoy your sunday my loves. (Only 1 week to go..weehhh #excited)
THE package hehe  
Lovely words from the TurboTwins

TADAAAA My bikini


  1. Ohhh ich bin schon ganz gespannt Süße, ich freu mich schon den Bikini an dir zu sehen :)

    Lieben Gruß :*

    1. Vielen lieben Dank!!! :) Ich freu' mich so wenn ich endlich auf die Bühne kann :)

      DK xoxo

  2. Ah how exciting! Good luck with everything :) xo

    1. Hey thank you for stopping by :)
      I am really excited, I bet I won't sleep the night before the big day hehe. xo