Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

1st Shred-program check-up

You remember from the last transformation-post that I wanted to start another 'check-up-chart' from the shredding phase? Therefor, before getting to the chart, let's talk about the new changes. 
Like on the previous check-ups, my form, just as my posing was very satisfying, which makes me really happy and motivates me every single time to dig deeper and to get that body shredded. I hope that the next check-up will be in my first competition-bikini by Angel Competition Bikinis and my competition-heels.

You already know that I am carb-cycling for the last few months. We will keep this up, but a little tougher this time. This means that I will have 2 days of almost no carbs and 2 re-feed days.

On my no-carb-day (let's call it that way haha):
I will no longer have quinoa crackers with kiwi and eggs for breakfast. I am going to have a little turkey steak with tomatoes. Yeah I know... doesn't sound like breakfast but hey, the competition is in 4 weeks... Further will I have beef steak every day, awesome. My dinner is still the same; salmon with cod and vegetables. 

My re-feed days look a little something like this:
- Breakfast is still the same: Puffed-quinoa-rice-crackers with boiled eggs and stewed apples, except that the quantities decreased
- Lunch is also the same: Beef with quinoa and vegetables
- Afternoon-snack changes a little: Instead of cod with puffed-quinoa-rice-crackers and apple , we replaced the apple with cucumbers. 
- Dinner also the same: Chicken with broccoli

For the training-program there aren't big changes, except that I don't have to go for an outdoor-run every morning as we don't want to risk a cold (which I already caught...grr). Instead I will hit a 30-min HIIT on the stationary bike in the gym. There are also some exercises that are replaced but I am not going to list up every single one as that would make my post even longer, hihi.
Of course, my post-lifting HIIT increased by another 20 minutes, so here we go again for a 40-min HIIT after the weight-lifting...errwww. 

Before you have a look at the chart; I didn't lose weight nor did my BFP decreased that much, but I can't be too shredded, it's still bikini-shape so I have to uphold an aesthetic and feminine look. Yet my form improved visually, which is the most important. 

September October
Weight 54.8 kg 54.8 kg
Body Fat percentage 18.8 % 18.3 %
Neck 31 cm 31 cm
Chest 85 cm 83
Arms 25 cm 25 cm
Waist 63.5 cm 63 cm
Hips 83 cm 83 cm
Tights 51.5 cm 51 cm
Calves 35 cm 35 cm
Shirt size S S
Pant size 36 36

Let's see how my form will have improved two weeks from now.
Enjoy your sunday and always stay hungry xX

Carb-day breakfast. Still the same just other quantities of the crackers and the stewed apples
Preparing my trainings and meals. Very important!

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