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Cherry Stem Tea Benefits

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Now with the autumnal season that kicked in summer's door weeks ago, the desire to consume hot and cozy beverages is even greater. I am talking about hot chocolate, coffees such ass latte macchiatos along with a delicious piece of cake or a muffin, but also teas. Which brings me right to today's topic.

Did you know that the 'blessed' green tea isn't the only tea that helps you get rid of water retentions and detoxifies your body? Well, I knew that there are a few others left, but I never thought that the cherry-steam tea would be that beneficial for one's health.
Cherries are nowadays cultivated in lots of countries, such as Turkey, USA, Iran, Italy, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Romania and Greece. They contain a lot of vitamin A, B1 and C. Normally cherries are used for weight-loss ass they are low in calories, but don't precipitate, they are still a reason of water retentions ,due to the higher fructose concentration, if you don't consume them in moderation. 

When J-M.B. began telling us to buy cherry stalks, I wasn't sure why. But after he explained me what the stems are doing to our body in form of an infused tea, I was kind of surprised... I don't want to put you on the rack so that's what I found out:

There are a lot of benefits that come along with cherries, and I am not only talking about the fruit itself. The leaves, stems, flowers and even the tree bark are very useful as well.

But the stems are by far the most beneficial. And this is why:
  • Strengthens the nerves and thus has a calming effect
  • Very hydrating, so good for thirst
  • Very useful for your kidneys and prevent the formation of kidney stones
  • They are diuretic, meaning you have to pee a lot... and when I say a lot, it is a lot haha
  • They are cleaning your blood
  • Very effective against rheumatism, arthritis and atherosclerosis
  • Have the effect of relieving pain (e.g instead of swallowing a handful of aspirin, eat a cherry)
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Help weight-loss because it simplifies getting rid of water retentions
  • Your digestion gets easier (You may get a gippy tummy at first, but this will be okay after a short period of time, your body needs to get used to it, so don't worry)
  • They are very beneficial for your liver too
  • Cherry stems help to open your respiratory and you can expectorate easier when you caught a cough or cold.
How to prepare cherry stem tea?

I think there is nothing as easy as preparing cherry stem tea. Guess why?
The only thing you have to do is to either buy some cherries and take of the stems and let them air-dry or you buy them at a store. I bought mine at a pharmacy, but I think you will find cheaper ones in a normal store or a bio-store.

To brew the tea you simply add 1-2 spoons of dried stems to 500ml of boiling water for 5-10 minutes.  
You can either drink the tea every morning and evening, or at intervals from the meal, to promote a better elimination of the toxins in your body.

I was surprised by the taste as well. If you add a little honey, it's perfect I guess. Unfortunately I am not allowed to add honey, but it also tastes great naturally. This tea has become my #1 favorite tea. Good bye bitter green tea and hello cherry stem tea.

Enjoy your weekend. xX
That's how they should look like
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©J.-R. Photography
Just to show you my sweet fluffy ball,Mumble
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