Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

Les (Art)istes Bag

Long time no talk, but I have a good explanation... I finally had my exam this thursday so I was kind of busy studying and training the days before. But here I am again. 
Right after my exam I was on the way straight home, grabbed my fitness bag and hit a great pump-session in the gym. This really felt so good after writing the exam. I was feeling finally free again and able to concentrate on nothing but my preparation,posing and training. 

And as this wasn't enough already, my lovely sister asked me to accompany her to the Smets Underground Luxury Party. 
The party was great, but it was an absolute torture for me as they offered so much heavenly foods like Dunkin' Donuts, Popcorn, Chips, Ice-cream and so on. And I was just over there trying to get shredded. Thus, all I had was a small bottle of water , but that's alright only a few weeks to go and I can finally enjoy such things again (in moderation well understood). 

Before leaving, the lovely Fallon H. gave us a small goody-bag and told me that it could be of use for me. And indeed, it is very useful for me... It was a bag by ''Les (Art)istes'' , which I can surely use as a small fitness-bag for my morning cardio sessions. So again, thanks a lot for this bag, I love it! Normally when you have such a bag you only have one big pocket, meaning the whole bag. But this bag has two other pockets, whereby one with a zipper. This makes this bag even more functional as you don't have to rifle through your whole bag to finally find your member-card for the gym haha. 

If you want to see further pictures of my sporty fall-shooting, you are welcome to have a look at the album on my Facebook Fanpage here. (And while you are already on my page, why don't you hit the like-button? hihi)

I wish you all a great weekend and stay tuned, I had another shooting as well. xX

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