Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

Transformation Thursday

As the big day is almost knocking on the door I wanted to do another measurement before we start the water depletion next week. A lot of things changed since the last check-up, but not only my measurements but my trainings and my diet as well. 

To start with, I have literally no rest-day anymore. On 5 days I have my weight-lifting sessions consisting of 1 hour of HIIT in the early morning and an additional hour of intervals after my liftings. On the other 2 days I 'only' have to hit 1 hour of HIIT on an empty stomach. I am so happy that I have already written my exam last Thursday and that I can focus 100% on my preparation. I am so tired all the time, which is normal if you have to train every day and even 5 times twice a day... 
My diet also changed a lot. We already started the discharge last week, meaning that I don't have carbs anymore, except those you'll find in vegetables and maybe some in the meat too. But still I am allowed to eat 5 times a day and drink up to 6L per day, thank heaven. 

This weekend I will also begin my search for the evening-dress I have to wear on stage. I am thinking of something black, as I am convinced that this will be the only color that will still look elegant when I am that tanned. I also want the dress to be low-backed or backless and have a cut on one side so the judges can still see my legs. I really hope that I will find something that will please my ideas hehe. 
I have another big new for you: my bikini FINALLY arrived, but I don't have it yet as it is still stuck at the customs office... arrrghh! I really hope that it will be delivered by friday. I can't wait to get my crystal explosion bikini, I am so looking forward haha. (*cross-fingers*)

But now enough talk, here are my measurements: 

5th of October 23rd of October
54.8 kg
54.3 kg
Body Fat percentage
18.3 %
17.1 %
31 cm
31 cm
83 cm
25 cm
25 cm
63 cm
61 cm
83 cm
81.5 cm
51 cm
49 cm
35 cm
34.5 cm
Shirt size
Pant size

This morning's form after my cardio session 

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