Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014

Cardio Myth #1

Hello beautiful Sunday!

When I started hitting the gym two years ago, I always though that I needed to sweat a lot if I wanted to burn more fat and calories! And as I don't sweat that much when I workout, I was kind of demotivated by time! 
But if only this were true, the sauna would be my best friend!

By the way, the girl lying, that's me. 
While sweating is a great way to keep your skin clear , more sweating doesn't mean that you burn more fat or more calories. The only thing you are losing is water weight, which you will gain back once you rehydrate your body. 

So in fact if you jack up your core body temperature and induce excessive sweating, you really need to be careful! This can be very dangerous! Your body is sweating to cool itself down and short-circuiting this process can raise your body temperature to very unsafe levels. 

In 1997, the national Collegiate Athletic Association prohibited rubber sweat suits after 3 wrestler died using them to lose as much water weight as possible. 

So excessive sweating can easily lead to dehydration which increases circulating concentrations of cortisol ( the stress hormone) and it can have a negative impact on your body's metabolism of carbs and fat. 

So, don't worry about how much you sweat or not while working out. Just keep your body moving and take care of what you eat and drink and you will be able to achieve your fat loss. And always keep in mind to drink enough while working out. Especially in summer!

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