Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

New in: Filofax

Hey there!

Today I am super happy! We finally got some very nice and sunny weather in Luxembourg, I am so close to start my preparation for my first competition, and to top this :  my Filofax arrived today! 

I ordered my Filofax on Amazon.com on Friday and it already arrived this morning!

You may be wondering now why I am writing an article about a Filofax as it actually doesn't have anything to do with fitness,health or wellness.

Well, I ordered it because I wanted to write down my workouts. I know there are many apps out there, but I don't want to scribble on my phone while in the gym and look like a complete smartphone-addict,so I thought it would be cool to have some kind of old-school workout-log.Plus, I can create and decorate it just the way I like.

The only issue with the Filofax is that you don't really have any scale to write down your monthly measurements, your progress, your daily intake of food and calories or your exercises.

But there's a solution for everything. On Etsy,I found these awesome and cute-looking printables by CleanLifeandHome, which I think are just perfect for my fancy pink workout-log.

Once you downloaded these printables to your computer,you can print them as much as you want and at any time because they don't come with a date.

I am really happy that I downloaded these, as the color doesn't need much ink, which I think is important if you have to print a lot. 

I will start 'workout-logging' only next month , because that's also when I am starting my preparation.I still need to get several things done before I can start, but once I'm on it I will make sure to let you know

If you are also looking for such a pretty log, you can get it HERE.

Stay tuned! 

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