Montag, 5. Mai 2014

Meat Monday

Hello new week!

Today is Meat Monday! 
Did you know that a lot of countries here in Europe have banned hormone-treated American meats since 1989? So there are no conventionally raised US-meat being sold here. But what do we know about this hormone-treated meat that the Americans, or other countries don't want to know? 

I think it's not a surprise that conventionally raised meats, poultry or dairy is full of cancer causing hormones and immune suppressing antibiotics. Years ago, people didn't even know about this, but today we know better, and it seems that people nowadays try to live a healthier lifestyle. So living a healthier lifestyle also includes taking care and choosing wisely where your food comes from and what has happened to your food before.

In feedlots across the countries, farmers give hormones to their cows to fatten them up for slaughter and increase their profit. Some of the hormones are natural but some are also synthetic. Since 1970, scientists have made researches of the effects that added hormones can have on the human body. They found out that conventionally raised US-meats can cause imbalances and raise your natural hormones to carcinogenic levels. Which means that the hormones added to the different meats increase the risk of cancer. Does that sound good to you? I bet not! 

The problem is that conventional farmers are trying to raise as many cattle as possible but with the lowest costs. So they pack the animals tightly into unsanitary pens and cages where the risk of getting a disease is even higher. Due to that, farmers give them antibiotics to prevent potential infections and to help them gain weight. While these antibiotics don't always directly transfer to the end consumer, they therefore encourage the development of new strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

What does this mean now for us? 

In our body, these antibiotics kill not only disease-causing bacteria but also beneficial bacteria. So they upset our body's ecology and allow unfriendly organisms to take over. This means that our body's immune system is weakened and we are more likely to get sick. 

How can you continue to enjoy meat but still benefit from it without worrying about the dangerous additives?

Organic Meat, Poultry and Dairy is the answer because its the best source for healthy animal protein!

What does organic actually mean? 

There a some factors that have to be considered before calling meat 'organic' , let's have a look at the list: 

  • Organic Food:
These animals are fed with 100% organically grown livestock food.
  • No hormones nor antibiotics:
Sick animals have to be treated with an appropriate medicine. As soon as an animal has been treated with a prohibited medication, its meat can no longer be labeled nor sold as organic!
  • Outside Access:
''Organic Meat''- Animals must have access to go outside if they graze. They need shade, shelter, fresh air , direct sunlight and room to move.
  • No mixing:
Organic animal products must be strictly separated from non-organic products. They must not come into contact with prohibited chemicals or substances. 

If you are also trying to avoid animals that have been fed with soy feed, then grass-fed meats are what you need! Grass-fed animals have higher levels of essential fatty acids and lean protein. 

So if you choose to live a healthier, start questioning where your food comes from! A healthy lifestyle does not only mean leaving pizza, fast food or fatty meals aside. A healthy lifestyle also means that you take care of what you eat and where your meat, poultry , diary come from. (The same goes for your vegetables and fruits!) 

You are what you eat!

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