Montag, 12. Mai 2014

Lifting Fairy on Tour

Hi Monday!

I am sorry that I didn't post anything yesterday but I have been on tour with the team, meaning I had no internet connexion and no time to create an article for you. That's why today's article is all about yesterday's little team-trip.

We went to Rheinbach, which is in Germany, to watch the International Westgerman Qualification Championship for the German Championship in Bikini-Shape, Bikini-Fitness, Athletic and Bodybuilding. ( Bikini-Shape is the class I want to compete in) 

That's the team-van. As my boyfriend and I had to leave earlier we drove with our own car.
That's me in front of the team-van wearing a team-shirt to represent Powerfood's J-M.B. in Rheinbach
I am not saying that this demotivated me as the competitors had a great level and an even greater form but I have to admit that I have some kind of respect now as I will have to compete in Rheinbach too to qualify me for further competitions. Now I know again what I am training and working for, I really need to get things started if I want to have a good form on stage in winter.
Unfortunately my boyfriend and I didn't see the prize-giving as we had to return home earlier but I took some good pictures even though we were standing in the background. 

Bikini-Fitness class
Great performance of a competitor
Bikini-Shape class, the class I want to compete in
Again Bikini-Shape
Guess what?! Yes, Bodybuilding. Lot of flexing here, hehe
Of course I had to see if there is anything I might like, but unfortunately not. 
Close-up of the delicious protein-bars. (No I didn't buy any)

If you want to see further pictures, just visit my Facebook page HERE

Enjoy your week and make it successful! 

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