Freitag, 2. Mai 2014

Friday's Favorites


No great explanation today, I am simply going to share my 3 favorite competitors with you! 

  • Veronica M.H, Norway
She is only 22, as young as I am, and has already stepped on stage with a great form at the Oslo-Grand-Price in the Body-fitness class. I found her Instagram profile several months ago , and I am happy that I did because she is such an inspiring girl! She has this light in her eyes that shows her love for fitness and competitions. I checkout her profile everyday to keep me motivated. Unfortunately I don't understand what she writes on her blog because I can't speak her language but when I look at the pictures I know what the post is all about! 

Click HERE to visit her blog. You will find links to her Instagram profile and her Facebook page on under 'Kontakt'. 

Oslo grand price 2014

  • Lone N., North Norway
At the age of 17 she already stepped on stage and placed first two times in a row! What a great debut! Now at the age of 19, she even competed in the IFBB World Championships in Hungary, Norwegian Championships, Arnold Classic in Spain and the IFBB World Championships in Ukraine. This young woman is a great inspiration for me as she already gained so much experience in competing and she's only 19 years 'old'. If you follow her on Instagram, Facebook or checkout her blog you will understand why she motivates me that much.

Click HERE to visit her Blog.

The Norwegian Championship 2013

  • Margret G. ,Iceland
Since November 2011, she has been competing within the IFBB as an amateur. She turned Pro when she placed First at the IFBB Women's World Championship in 2013. She can proudly call herself the first IFBB pro in Iceland and has the black belt in Taekwondo. (She has competed over 20 times in Olympic Taekwondo) A really strong woman , don't mess with her people! I follow her on every social media too, and I just discovered that she has a fitness-blog as well.
What I love most about her is that she gives you a very personal insight of her life. When I first saw the video where she placed first at Arnold Classics this year, I almost started crying too because you could really see how happy she was and how surprised she was that she won the competition! Congratulations by the way! 

You should definitely checkout her blog (HERE), and her Facebook page if you want to know how often she won a competition or a Taekwondo fight.(HERE

Arnold Classics 2014

I don't know why, but I just realized that I mostly have competitors from Norway or Iceland on my 'Following-list'
Keep going! 


  1. It's very impressive but I don't like such fitness women, but they are really fit! Well done!

    1. Hey, thank you for always visiting my blog!
      Yes I know, not everybody likes it, but I am happy that you appreciate their 'work' !

      xx Jennifer