Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014

Legday, Fail!

Hi there!

Guess what?! I hurt my knee this morning during my leg workout routine... awesome, right?! grrr!

Everything was fine, I started my legday like every legday: 

  • First Leg Extension: 4x12 - 25kg
  • Leg Press: 2x10 - 160kg & 2x12 - 120kg
  • Squat: Biggest fail ever!!!
  • Calf Press: 4x12 - 40kg 

I always warm up before I do my squats, meaning I only take 20 to 30 kg to do some 'warm-up-ass-to-the-grass' before I load up some more weights to prevent injuries.
On my 3rd warm-up rep it happened. I was very low but I couldn't get up anymore, so Ken had to help me , otherwise I would still be sitting on the floor with my 30 kg on the shoulders haha. It actually felt like someone hammered a pin right in the middle of my right knee. So no more squats for me for today...

To finish my ''legday'' I did 4 sets of calf press on the smith machine with 40 kg , as my knee didn't stop hurting.

So my day started pretty shitty... I don't know if I will do legday next week, I have to check how my knee is going.

I hope you all pay attention and listen to your body! It is always better to stop before something worse happens, even though you have a correct form during your exercise. If something hurts, take off some weights or stop doing that exercise!

From where I stand, waiting for Ken to finish his last calf exercise. Wearing my super comfy +Nike Flyknits 
I wish you all a nice rest of the week and take care of your body , because you it's the only place you have to live in!

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  1. How's your knee doing now? I can only imagine how excruciating it was for your mobility to be impeded in that way. However, with proper strategy and treatment, or at least a proper mindset to start yourself with, such as what you've done with your determination and groundedness in display, you should be well on your way in your path forward. Good luck and take care of yourself always!

    Tyrone Vanwagoner @ U.S. HealthWorks