Samstag, 17. Mai 2014

Sport by night

Hi there!

That's the original flyer
This article goes out to everyone living in Luxembourg or staying in Luxembourg at the moment. If you have already enjoyed the Spring-fair at 'Luxexpo' and don't know what to do on this saturday evening/night,you will definitely like this event! 

It's called 'Nuit du sports' ,meaning 'night of sports'. 
Different communities and organizers from Luxembourg have established this original sport-programm just for you! 
They offer about 200 different kinds of activities at 20 different places all over the country! 

A picture from last year
You can play Badminton, Giant Basketball, Waterball, Soccer,Jazz Dance, Zumba, Nordic Walking, Dart and so on. 
Or watch shows like Dog's Agility, Parkour, Aikido, Showgymnastics and many more!

Zumba activity an earlier edition
I think this event could be interesting for every one and from every age! 
I will definitely try to participate in this unique night-program. I have to work until 7 pm so I think I will still manage to have a look at some activities taking place in my community.(Stay tuned, I will surely write an article about how it was and maybe which games I played or in which activity I participated)

If you need information about the program or which activity will take place in which community, you can consult the official site HERE .

Enjoy your day!

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